What’s Cool in Printing

After 28 years in the printing industry and seeing the various products that customers upload and print, I’ve come across tremendously creative ideas that marketing professionals have used to connect with people, spark interest, and enhance their image. Take a look at some cool printing methods you might want to employ to get more eyeballs on your business or brand.


Coasters printed with your brand’s logo provide a unique opportunity to be a part of your clientele’s day. Look at them not only as an info placer, but they can also double as a coupon or announce a special event, which will nudge customers back toward you.


Magnets allow you to make multiple impressions in the space of one day. Here’s why: Americans open their fridges an average of 22 times between sunup and sundown—this is invaluable reinforcement of your brand’s image.

Holiday greetings

A greeting card is an opportunity to show up at someone’s door, dressed your very best. With the right design and artwork, you could wind up on the fridge or mantel. You might be surprised by the number of people who display season’s greeting cards on their walls or atop their mantels.


Kids love them. But adults do, too. Just keep in mind that people won’t place a sticker on their car or themselves if it’s only about you. Sticker marketing is most effective when you artfully use a catchy quote or slogan to showcase a value that you hold, and one that your customers will want to align with.


A 365-day marketing campaign that only requires initial print costs! The number of times a person glances at their calendar is also the number of times they’ll be seeing your logo! Use the right images, and your brand will subconsciously be associated with beautiful art and clever design.

How-to Guides

How-to guides and infographics are a smart way to provide relevant information that people will want to post in their office or place on their fridge vs. throw into the trash. The guide could be as small as a postcard or a bookmark, or it could be as large as a poster.

Finally, by providing your customers with an item that has a guaranteed use, you will be doubling your chances of increasing the number of impressions your brand will make on any given day.

Paul Nickoloff, Fotorecord, CEO