Meet Fotorecord

Here’s What You Should Know About Fotorecord

Printed materials allow you to become a physical part of someone’s day. That impression you make can be electrifying or it can detract. I started Fotorecord because I saw too many folks neglecting the value that printed matter could have to their business and their relationships.

Alternatively, some people understood the value of getting tactile representations of their business out into the real world, but what they were printing was only doing them a disservice. In both cases, it wasn’t fully their fault. When I dug deeper, here’s what I found…

The Problem

People today face an ordering process that is time-consuming and worrisome. Inefficient procurement processes result in high admin costs (the average business card order, processed manually, takes about 45 minutes to complete!); inconsistent print quality that can damage a brand’s reputation; high production fees due to limited knowledge of available choices; confusion over options and not knowing how to maximize their budget effectively; and the list goes on and on.

The Solution

Fotorecord provides you with a boutique approach to printing and delivery. Our online dashboard area is your personal management system for all your marketing collateral, logos, images, and more. You keep it all on the Fotorecord platform and use our online design tools to create, approve, deny, or modify your orders. The dashboard means no confusing back and forth—just direct contact with our printers. And since we store each print order in our system, reprints are a snap.

The Trusted Difference

Premium-quality printing shouldn’t be complicated. Here is how Fotorecord achieves this.

Print coach

28 years of industry advice on your print creation/campaign

Special gift

$500 spending for first-time users, good on any orders

No contracts

Walk away if you aren’t satisfied—no strings attached

Intuitive dashboard

Create and approve your orders with ease

Free storage space

Upload and store your marketing collateral at no cost

Streamlined process

Follow your orders through our system right up to delivery

I started Fotorecord with the desire to simplify the process for anyone who needed high-end, elegant printing.

Today, people come to Fotorecord with print needs that include business cards, signage, direct mail marketing, and more—but what they truly walk away with is a stellar product that enhances their brand’s reputation.

Let’s talk.

Paul Nickoloff, Fotorecord CEO