Advantages of Your Personal Print Store vs. Online Printers

Throw a pebble, and you’ll hit an online printer. With the abundance of online printers out there, what makes Fotorecord different? Specifically, what are the advantages to a personal print store vs. contracting out to an online printer? Glad you asked!

Fotorecord’s “personal print store” approach has the following benefits…

A catalog based on your needs

Owning a store means careful selection and curation of what takes up valuable shelf space. When we say we offer you a “personal print store” approach to printing, this is exactly what we mean. Our print store is a space where you get to select the categories and product types you want to see and choose from. No more wandering endless digital aisles. No more visual digital clutter. You’re the curator, and we make sure you are seeing the best each category you have chosen has to offer.

The ability to reorder with ease

Your personal print store provides you with the ability to reorder with ease. With Fotorecord’s online management system, you can pull up past orders, make updates, and do a reprint—without needing to start from scratch each time. Plus, having all your marketing collateral saved into your personal print store means new product creation is quick and painless.

A dedicated Print Coach

Fotorecord’s personal print store comes with a Print Coach with XX years of industry experience who keeps an eye on your orders as they come in. Your Print Coach watches as your product moves through production. You get alerted if we suspect anything is off, or if there’s something you might not have considered in the production of your printed product. Plus, we make sure deliveries are on-time. Your Print Coach is one more set of eyes to look after what you create and is as invested as you are in producing something beautiful.

Improved quality of your printed materials

Because we aim to establish a long-term relationship with you and your brand, the same person who processes your order advises you on opportunities for cost savings based on your order patterns. So over-time, you get a more cost-efficient product that only gets better-looking as we familiarize ourselves with your needs and goals.

How does that sound to you?

Paul Nickoloff, Fotorecord, CEO