The Advantages of Not Having a Contract with Your Printer

The no-contract model for our printing services is something I’m proud of. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not knocking contracts everywhere and in all spheres. There are times when to protect your interests, signing a contract is a smart move.  It’s likely wise to sign a contract if you’re starting a career in the NFL, buying a house, or hiring a renovation expert.

But here are the main advantages that customers love about not needing a contract to print with us.

A non-binding print arrangement means you’re able to walk away at any time.

Printing companies often want contracts with large companies in order to establish a procurement process that keeps money flowing into their coffers. This minimizes risk for the printers and ensures that their presses are always running. For the business placing the order, however, the upside is less clear. I would prefer businesses trust us with their prints rather than be contractually bound to stay with us. If you feel your needs aren’t being met with us—I want you to be able to walk away, free and clear.

Work on your project can commence immediately.

No wasted time or effort trying to understand complex language. I wanted to make it as easy as possible for users to set up and begin their printing work immediately. But when contracts come into play, people get scared—for good reason. Legalese is confusing and vastly ineffective at spelling out terms and enhancing enforcement—two things that they’re supposed to provide to both parties.

A no-contract model means we’re bound by our reputation.

If there is no contract that outlines performance goals, or a standard of service delivery, what is keeping us from doing a poor job, or not making good on our promises? In industries of all kinds, reputation has become everything. And to us, it is everything. What is more, if we do a poor print job, we will hear about it on social media, which directly affects our bottom line. So being bound by our reputation holds us to a higher standard in what we do.

This no-contract model works because we are always seeking to impress, to innovate, to deliver premium products, and to exceed your expectations. Each time we commence a print project, it’s an opportunity for us to impress you with our service. And we take that seriously.

Paul Nickoloff, Fotorecord, CEO