What It’s Like to Use Fotorecord’s Personal Print Store

Elegantly printed products require thoughtful consideration and careful construction. But that doesn’t mean the process should be confusing or time-consuming. What you need is a straightforward experience that is streamlined for quality results. That’s what you get with Fotorecord.

Here’s a step-by-step process of what it’s like to print with our innovative “personal print store” approach.

Step 1: Log in.

Enter your personal user ID and password. If you don’t yet have an account with us, sign up. (And make use of our no-contract model!)

Step 2: Select and customize.

Choose from our lineup of categories and find products that match your needs.

Let’s say you want to print business cards for yourself. Click on the “Business Cards” category and then find a template that you fancy. Customize the template by dropping in your name, address, phone number, and other contact details. (We have templates for stationary, signage, labels, forms, documents, business cards, flyers, direct mail marketing initiatives, and almost any marketing or print product that’s on your mind.)

Refine color choice, fonts, and sizes—all right here. And when you’re delighted with your print-ready product…

Step 3: Order and we print.

Type in how many business cards you want to print and where you want the product shipped. The price is automatically calculated based on these details

Hit the purchase button, and electronic fairies carry your order through a sea of digital bits and bytes right to our door. (We’re kidding about the electronic fairies—we’re 98-percent certain that’s not how the Internet works.)

We receive your order, make sure it passes our quality control checks, and then we print and ship.

Along the way, if we have questions about your order, we’ll be in touch. And if you get stuck somewhere in the process, you can talk with your personal Print Coach who will answer your questions and make sure your product hits all the right notes while still staying within your budget.

A word about your online dash: I like to call it your print store, because we’ve designed it to be a space where you get to browse only the items that you’re interested in.  Reducing information overload is something we’re shooting for with this personalize approach—we hope you like that idea as much as we do.

Paul Nickoloff, Fotorecord, CEO