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Alexandra V. l Pittsburg, PA
I cannot say enough wonderful things about Fotorecord Print Center. The team goes above and beyond for each project no matter the size. The entire staff is welcoming and friendly and the work is second to none. I know exactly where I stand from initial concept, through design, printing and mailing - which allows me to ensure my leadership that we are on schedule. Highly recommend!

6 Surprising Facts About the Power of Print That You Might Not Know

We are always seeking to impress, innovate, and exceed your expectations. See what clients think about their experience printing with us.

Increased Trust

Customers trust print and direct mail more than digital channels: 82% trust print ads compared to 39% who trust online ads.

Sharpened Recall

89% of millennial parents believe children display better recall on assignments when children study using paper.

Ease of Use

81% of students report consistent use of paper tools, such as study sheets, handouts, flashcards, etc., to prepare for exams.

More Attention

71% of Americans do not pay attention to online ads vs. 63% who read (at least once a week) print ads delivered to their mailbox.

Informed Decisions

Coupons shape purchase choice. Over 90% make a shopping list before heading out, and 84% use coupons to inform their route.

Greater Effectiveness

Assessing the effectiveness of marketing channels, print ads were shown to be topped only by TV advertisements.

Advantages of Your Personal Print Store vs. Online Printers

Throw a pebble, and you’ll hit an online printer. With the abundance of online printers out there, what makes Fotorecord different? Specifically, what are the advantages to a personal print store vs. contracting out to an online printer? Glad you asked!